Our Beach Area

Relax by the sea and enjoy our Greek dishes from your sunbeds. Listen to the sound of waves of Ftelia beach and maximise your relaxation with authentic Greek drinks delivered to your sunbeds.

Reserve Your Sunbeds
Discover the joys of summer.

Experience lounge and lunch privately at Ftelia beach. Taste a variety of Greek bites provided by My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos.

Besides dining, My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos offers you the ability to enjoy Greek snacks at the beach. Located right in front of our restaurant, drift away from hustling Skiathos town and enjoy relaxation at Ftelia beach. Enjoy the flavour of elevated Greek foods to accompany your beach day, only a short drive from Skiathos town. Your convenience matters, parking is available in front of Ftelia beach, and you are welcome to join us at the restaurant anytime.

Drinks by The Sea
Experience the ultimate beach day with a relaxing atmosphere, choose a variety of dishes from our menu and enjoy it on your sunbed. Or, if you prefer, choose your favourite from our cocktail menu and refresh your day while you lounge.
Day at The Beach
Whether it’s a family beach day or a relaxing one, head to My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos, and our staff will happily guide you to our beach area.