Weddings and Events

Arrange weddings and special events at our venue and be accompanied by the stunning Aegean Sea - perfect for a fantastic day or evening to be spent with your companies. Personalise your menu option or choose from our available menu to pamper your guests.

Plan your event
Celebrate your moment of a lifetime with us at My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos. Our outdoor terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea will be a beautiful venue to elope with your loved one.
Whether it’s an anniversary of a decade or two, cherish the moment with your loved one over a well-spent romantic dinner by the sea. A special night to remember for a lifetime.
Host your special birthday at our seafront terrace. Experience an unforgettable birthday and be surrounded by your loved ones in the magnificent view of Skiathos’ crystal water.
Family/Friends Gatherings
Get the experience of the Aegean Sea right at your table and share it over delicious dining with family or friends. Enjoy refreshing drinks and fresh seafood curated for your palate.
Corporate Events
Arrange a corporate event, meetings, or gatherings. You can arrange lunch or evening with your clients or colleagues at My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos.
Custom Events
Whatever the occasion may be, you can arrange your events at My Ithaki Restaurant Skiathos. Enquire and join us for a beautiful dining experience by the sea.